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About us

The Annual Fraser Island Tailor Weigh-In was initiated in 2014 and was the brainchild of Larry Ray from Fraser Island Retreat located in Happy Valley. The aim of the competition was to raise funds for local services on Fraser Island with it’s first year raising funds for the local Ambulance Committee. 

t wasn’t until 2015 when event founder Larry Ray became ill and had to be airlifted to hospital by the RACQ Life Flight Rescue Helicopter that he decided to run the annual Tailor weigh in in support of Life Flight. Larry’s one ‘free’ mission helicopter ride was said to have cost at least $12,500. The helicopter comes to the aid of Fraser Island visitors and residents several times a week when illness or injury strikes. Larry believed that fundraising for something so critical to the community of Fraser Island was an absolute no brainer. 

As a local charity, RACQ Life Flight Rescue is an emergency air medical rescue helicopter service that is provided to the communities of southern Queensland 24/7 - at no cost to the patients. With an emergency response time of as little as 6 minutes and a critical care doctor, QAS paramedic, pilot and crewman on board every mission southern Queenslanders are in good hands. RACQ Life Flight has saved over 40,000 lives in the last 30 years! 


The Annual Fraser Island Tailor Weigh-In has become a large part of the Fraser Island community. Fraser Island accommodation owners, local Hervey

Bay businesses, fishing gear suppliers, 4x4 hire businesses all come together to donate and raise money for Life Flight through prize donations and random draws during the competition! The annual weigh has a range of categories allowing a wide variety of fisherman 

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